Royal Wedding Memorabilia Goes on Sale

Prince Harry and fianc é e Megan, who married in May, are preparing to invite about 2640 members of the public to attend their wedding, but sources say Windsor Street Rangers may be evicted during the wedding, sparking controversy. The royal family has unveiled the sale of a collection of Prince Harry wedding souvenirs, which will be used to help homeless people in Windsor City.

A new range of royal wedding memorabilia has gone on sale to raise money for the homeless in Windsor.

Non-profit brand For Richer, For Poorer has launched the collection – which includes a tea towel, T-shirt and commemorative plate – ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day in May.
Each product features a crest that depicts issues faced by rough sleepers, along with a message explaining that the item helps homeless people in Windsor.

It comes after a row sparked by the suggestion that rough sleepers should be removed from the streets of Windsor by police ahead of the royal wedding.
The range of souvenirs by For Richer, For Poorer – priced between £10 and £40 – includes postcards, fridge magnets, a ceramic mug and bunting.

On their website, the non-profit explains what buying each item will provide for a homeless person – from a toiletry kit to hot meals.
There is also a ‘hero item’: a £5,000 commemorative plate that will cover all costs involved with re-homing someone for an entire year.
For Richer, For Poorer are working with charity Windsor Homeless Project to help rough sleepers in the town.

It comes after the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead was forced to drop plans to fine rough sleepers £100 if they refused to engage with services.
Council leader Simon Dudley came under fire for demanding police remove homeless people from the streets ahead of the royal wedding.
Prime Minister Theresa May – whose constituency is Maidenhead – spoke out against his comments earlier this year, saying she ‘did not agree’ with the proposal.

Murphy James, from Windsor Homeless Project, said: ‘Prince Harry and Meghan are both passionately committed to supporting those in need, including the UK’s homeless.
‘By celebrating their special day with a hard-hitting message, For Richer, For Poorer really highlights the challenges our homeless communities face on a daily basis. Together we can make a difference to their lives.

Ceramic makers William Edwards have launched a china set to commemorate Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Prices start from £15 for a coaster to £45 for a cup and saucer.


Inspired by the film When Harry Met Sally, a whole range of memorabilia features the slogan ‘When Harry Met Meghan’ – including this £18 T-shirt available at Zazzle.

A Royal Heritage commemorative plate, priced at £12, features Harry and Meghan’s wedding engagement photo.

A set of Harry and Meghan bone china thimbles are available on eBay for £4.

The Royal Mint issued a limited edition silver £5 coin to mark Harry and Meghan’s engagement.


Harry and Meghan fans can also get a life-sized cardboard cut-out, priced at £50

Break with Protocol all about Unwelcome Guest

There is a high possibility that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision not to invite either UK or international leaders to their wedding is to avoid the presence of US President Donald Trump, a British royal etiquette expert said at a news conference to foreign press in London on Tuesday.

William Hanson, who is widely regarded as the United Kingdom’s freshest and most trusted authority on etiquette and protocol, said Markle had previously voiced her unfavorable opinion of Trump before her engagement, so with the wedding invitations excluding politicians is a diplomatic way to avoid having to invite him.

nstead, the couple have chosen 600 guests with whom they have a direct connection to witness their marriage on May 19 at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel.
Despite Harry and Meghan’s wedding being an important national occasion, the prince is not in the immediate line of succession. As it stands, Harry is fifth in the line to the British throne behind his father Prince Charles, his brother Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, and William’s two children, and Harry will become sixth in line when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third baby – due very soon – is born.

Hanson said the wedding planning had clearly taken into consideration the arrival of the new baby, which could happen any time.
“Harry is very close to his brother and his sister-in-law, and presumably by extension, Meghan is also part of that circle,” Hanson said.

As far as the wedding is concerned, Harry “would not want something to upstage, nor to prohibit, such a major guest from coming”, he added.

Hanson, who has been teaching royal etiquette for the last 12 years, half-jokingly said: “This wedding is probably going to be the one wedding that irritates everybody like me, because actually it will break the protocol as Meghan seems to have her own take on what she wants to do.”
The wedding cake has been announced well in advance, and the photographer as well as the florist are usually not revealed until much closer to the event, if not on the day or after the day, he added, “so already we are beginning to see, on smaller levels, a different sort of thing”.
Hanson said Harry, who achieved the rank of captain in his 10 years of army service, is likely to wear morning dress at the wedding, instead of the military uniform the Duke of Cambridge wore at his big day, because the upcoming wedding is less formal.
According to Hanson, for men, key morning dress rules include a black or dark gray tailcoat with neck tie, and the waistcoat is usually double-breasted. For women, it will be a formal dress with jacket over the top, hats instead of headpieces, plus gloves to be super-correct.
When asked how much Markle’s previous marriage and divorce matter to the royal court, Hanson said it would have been more of an issue if Harry were directly in line to the throne, although the royal family has relaxed their attitude to divorce during the Queen’s reign.
The couple have announced that they will be inviting more than 2,000 members of the public into the grounds of Windsor Castle to watch part of the wedding.

Kate Enjoys Dressing Charlotte in Outfits

The Duchess of Cambridge has one of the most enviable wardrobes in the Royal family, and it seems Princess Charlotte is taking after her mother.

While you’re not very likely to see any member of the royal family rocking denim-on-denim, you will see them sporting jeans from time to time — and not solely when they’re walking their dog(s). Duchess Catherine has been photographed in dark jeans — quite affordable ones at that — and slightly more expensive bright-colored jeans with sneakers, as shocking as that sounds. Even Prince Williams occasionally wears jeans and was even pictured doing some yoga in white jeans.

The little princess, who turned three last month, can often be seen color-coordinating with Kate during their joint public appearances.

This weekend, the mother and daughter duo wore matching shades of ice blue as they watched the Trooping the Colour ceremony from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Kate wore a fitted Alexander McQueen number with an intricate knotting detail, while the adorable youngster wore a floral dress in an almost identical hue.

It’s not the first time the pair have worn perfectly complimenting outfits; when Charlotte was bridesmaid for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding last month, her mother wore a matching white number, also from Alexander McQueen.

The Cambridges’ 2017 Christmas card, shot last summer, also saw mother and daughter wearing matching shades of powder blue; Kate in Catherine Walker and Charlotte in a flower-covered frock.

And the duo wore coordinating shades of pink and purple as they wrapped up their tour of Poland and Germany last July, flying out from Hamburg.

Two days earlier, Kate and Charlotte wore identical shades of royal blue as they arrived at Berlin military airport.

During last year’s Trooping the Color flypast, Kate ensured there was no risk of an outfit clash as she dressed Charlotte in a pink number that perfectly matched her Alexander McQueen pleated skater dress and beret hat.

They also matched their outfits for the 2016 ceremony, and later that year during a visit to Canada.

Kate has routinely won style plaudits for mixing bespoke designer pieces with high street bargains since marrying into the royal family in 2011.

Fashion expert Simon Glazin told MailOnline: ‘The mini-me matchy matchy trend has to be well executed to pull it off, and Kate’s stylist, Natasha Archer, has done a brilliant job with the Duchess and Princess.

‘Usually opting for pastels, the mum and daughter pair look oh-so-gorgeous together.

And I think it shows once again that the young royals are moving the Monarchy on – you wouldn’t catch the Queen and Princess Anne in matching lilac skirt suits.

For the gentleman it was a clear sign not to make advances toward the lady in question.” Even Kate Middleton had to wait until she married Prince William and became Duchess Catherine before she was privy to don a tiara. Coincidentally, she’s only worn a tiara six times in the six years she’s been married to Prince William.

Although no one can pull off bright colors quite like the Queen, Duchess Catherine is closely following in her footsteps by frequently wearing “happy color”.